I live in a very beautiful part of the world. I also happen to live where that world changes dramatically every few months as the seasons change from the mostly greens  and blues of summer ;  to the brilliant fall colors of reds, oranges, and yellows;  to all white in winter with occasional  subtle or dramatic colors like a red barn  [ like the one above ] against the all white landscape surrounding it, and then to the brilliant blossoming of new life that is Spring with every color imaginable.  Every new season is always a welcome change from the one we are just beginning to tire of.

     The coolness of Fall comes on the heels of summer heat and humidity ;  the quiet blanket of snow hides the drab,  colorless landscape that fall has died into ;  the rebirth that Spring brings to  what seems like some kind of death in winter proves to us that it was not death at all,  merely suspended animation that every year makes me believe in reincarnation.   I love going on road trips from before sunup to after sundown driving around in New England beauty all day. I'm now at the point where I know where to go depending on the weather, the light, and / or where the best foliage colors are at the time. I usually end up driving many hours, but unaware of the miles because the sights are so richly inspiring. I try to capture that beauty and hopefully share it with you, the viewer.  

                                                                                                                                                                              I used to take photographs to use for my landscape paintings back when I painted in oils on canvas. But when digital cameras became available, and photoshop and home printers were affordable, I became fascinated with the endless possibilities that existed in what you could do to bring out the best in a photograph. Every photograph has what I believe to be it's unique form and presentation that best displays it's capabilities.  Some are brilliantly colorful and want to show off their drama in a high gloss, giant photo, while others have the kind of contrast that lends it to being best as a black and white. Some shots are best presented as a photograph printed on matte, or gloss,  or metallic paper, and then matted with the matt and color that best compliments it. A photograph matted in white looks very different from one matted in black.  

A photograph matted in white looks very different from one matted in black

And then the frame that is the final touch is another decision that can make or break a photograph.  It may be that it sits well in an old large barn board frame ,and printed on canvas like the one below,  or maybe best in a sleek,  narrow simple black frame.  

Some should be large, perhaps even 4' by 6'. while others work best as small photos with a large, offset matt . 

smaller photo in an offset , larger matt

 Photograph with minimal editing

Muster field Farm , N.Sutton, NH frost #2

Photo above turned into a chalk pastel below

Muster field Farm , N.Sutton, NH frost charcoal

another chalk pastel

White Egret wait #2

Many photos have things that are best removed to improve the picture, like the motors and clutter in the boats below. 

hanging out

 the photo below has had things removed in PHOTOSHOP , and then turned into an oil painting using TOPAZ filters

hanging out

Some winter shots look nice with snow coming down, so I add snow in photoshop like the red barns below   

Barns without snow

Barns with snow added

barns on RED BARN ROAD, Quechee , VT #6

BUT most of my photographs have REAL SNOW coming down, I shoot in the snow often, sometimes some photos just need some snow added, and it's nice to be able to add it.

I love having the tools and the skills to try to meet those challenges. My galleries show many photos as a photograph, and then as a painting next to it. [ like the 2 sunrise photos below , the one on the top  has been made into a painting in photoshop ] I make note on it if it is a "photo painting" or a photo. Obviously,  these are best printed on canvas.

Newport Sunrise, NH

Smug Mug allows you to print a photo in almost any way imaginable, as well as allowing you to pick a matt and frame if you wish. Being able to see how it looks with a white or black matt will show you what a dramatic difference it makes. You may want to break a photo into 2 or 4 pieces that will work well behind your couch as a collage. That's why I choose to use smug mug as my web site,  so you can have the fun of deciding how you want to present your photograph.  If you've liked one of mine enough to buy it,  I hope you enjoy it and please contact me with any questions or comments !

I live in South Sutton, New Hampshire with my wife Susie Lowe-Stockwell, past director of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.  We each have 2 children, grown now, and 10 grandchildren between us  [ 2nd marriage for both]  We both retired in June 2015 and we love having all this time to enjoy our passions. I am a retired middle school guidance counselor and I worked in Lebanon, NH for 37 years.  My other passion is growing and training bonsai, and I have over 300 trees ,some that I've been training for 40 years. I've been photographing New England landscapes for 20 years, and have been in some shows and have won some prizes.